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Video production for multiple formats is just one of many services we offer our clients.

Firstly, for our music clientele we offer music video services and live video services. We are able to assist you with any and all phases of the process. Production, recording, editing, to the final finished video. We are happy to offer our clients one-stop-shopping!

  – Produce Music Videos

 – Live Performances

-Record, Edit, and Produce

Video Production by Room 611 Productions
Videos by Room 611 Productions
Video Production and Audio Production in Austin Texas

Secondly, for businesses and organizations we can edit your existing videos. Additionally, we can record new footage for you. Because videos engage you with more than one of your senses, they are perfect for your website, social media, and TV commercials.

Video is also an excellent format for training purposes. As a result, you will deliver a clear and concise message to your staff, clients. Furthermore, the advantages and possibilities are endless!

-Advertising Video

-Training Video


Do you have something specific in mind?

Reach out to us!

Lastly, we look forward to discussing your project, your vision, the possibilities, and your budget.

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Video Production Library

Roc Holiday – REASON TO LIVE
Amanda Polk – SMOKE
Social Rejects (Feat Matt Bray) – 20th CENTURY BOY
Rock Holiday – HERE & NOW
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